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Earn R576  Profit


Invest in a free-range ox in it’s last 6 months for just R11,529 and earn a return of R12105

The farmer buys back the asset once it has fully grown at harvest. You, the investor, make a profit from the sale.

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1. Invest

Invest in a healthy and fully maintained free-range ox that’s in it’s last 6 months for only R11,529.



2. Growth

The free-range ox grows healthily in the farmers care over a 6 months period until it is ready for sale.



3. Profit

Earn a  profit of R576 .



4. Total payout

A total maximum income of R12,336.03 is paid out in 6 months, you can reinvest or collect your earnings.



Common Questions

Is the profit guaranteed?

Yes , after 6 months, you earn R576  profit, guaranteed. That’s equal to 5%  .

How does it make me money?

You invest in and own a healthy and fully maintained free-range ox that’s in its last 6 months for only R11,529. The free-range ox grows healthily in the farmers care over a 6 months period until it is ready for sale. The farmer then buys the ox back from you, the investor, at a higher value, earning you a minimum profit of R576 and a maximum profit of R807 depending on the average weight and beef price. The farmer then sells the ox to market as free range beef and to Farmers Club.

Is my calf insured?

Yes, cows are insured by the farmer. The farmer replaces your cow or plant assets should anything happen to them at no extra cost to you, making Livestock Wealth a low risk, high return investment

Can I trust Livestock Wealth?

Livestock Wealth is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator, and is also regulated as a registered agricultural producer agent with the Agriculture Producer Agents’ Council. Since 2015, Livestock Wealth has gained over 2,800 unique investors, which have invested over R70 million and have been paid out over R10 million in profits. We have more than 30 vetted partner farmers around South Africa and have been featured on Carte Blanche, BBC, CNN, SABC, TEDx, Times Live and more.

May I go visit my free range ox?

We have several partner farmers around South Africa. Some of our partner farms are located in:
Lichtenburg, North West province
Durban, KZN
Matatiele, KZN
Kokstad, KZN
Richmond, KZN
Tzaneen, Limpopo
Senekal, Free State

However, for safety and security reasons visits are limited to coordinated investor events occurring on an annual basis, to which investors are invited.

Is your farming ethical?

Our Free Range Ox are grass fed and hormone free.

Are there any extra costs?

No, after the initial investment of R11,529, there are no further costs.

Do I own the cow after the term is completed?

No. The farmer buys back the cow from you at a higher price than you bought it for. However, you can choose to reinvest in another Ox.

How do I receive profits or get paid out?

At the end of the term, you no longer own the asset as the farmer has bought it back from you. You can choose to reinvest in another asset or collect your return, paid out into your bank account.

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Real wealth, real impact.

This is a real, tangible investment, and so is the impact on our people and our planet.
Real impact

Your investment helps create jobs and enables the farmers to produce healthy food while creating shared wealth.

Great returns

The returns on farming are competitive compared to conventional investment options. Re-investing these returns, compounds your earnings.

Tangible assets

You are investing in living, breathing livestock and growing crops, not invisible shares. These types of assets are always in demand.


Our Happy Investors & Farmers

I have invested in this enterprise after following them for two years.... Returns, innovation & delivery on goals have been exceptional!!!

Sizinzo MInvestor

The experience has been remarkably great and the staff are very supportive and always willing to assist. Through Livestock Wealth I have peace of mind knowing that my babies (cows) are taken care of. Livestock Wealth is my vehicle to financial freedom...


It was a great idea by Mr Shezi to provide us with the facilities wherein we can own livestock and still be able to live in the city.

Bheki ZunguInvestor

I have just started but the process so far is professional and they update you of every process and this calm your anxiety as we work with finances and lot of scammers around. Keep up the good work!

Olga MorapamaInvestor

This most certainly is an innovative way of sound investing made so easy by a professional sales team who keep you up to date on your assets , the cattle, and the status of your wallet. Its what I call "hassle free" Well Done.

Tosca OrmanInvestor

Prompt response on your query is amazing. More than happy and get educated every time I interact with Livestock Wealth.

Monwabisi MrwashuInvestor

Interested in farming business, this is your convenience. You buy they farm and you earn, isn't that a bargain.

Khomotso AntoinetteInvestor

Great Turnaround!! Recently, I posted a review about this company. I was unhappy with their communication. I panicked and flagged them as a possible scam. I can now say they are legit and I have made a healthy return from my investment!

Tshepo MInvestor

I have had not a single problem, in fact the app and the LSW Company have been pure pleasure, promt, polite, business minded and a fantastic investment, keep up the excellent work

Gary OrmanInvestor

Installation, registration and first transaction was super easy. We'll done guys, love the concept!

Elrich LindeInvestor

This app is amazing guys ...it is very user friendly !!you should try it yourself , you won't regret😍💃... I'm looking forward to invest more!

Semfundo GasaInvestor

A sophisticated way to get Africans back into owning wealth they way we understand.

Phumlani KaMhlakaza MbonambiInvestor

A great concept which I am following, All the best.

Greg MilesAspiring Investor

Such a great initiative.

Annelé CordierAspiring Investor

Invest in less than five minutes.

Our Livestock Wealth Farmbook App enables you to sign up, choose products you’d like to invest in and pay securely. You can pay via credit card, bank transfer, instant EFT, or bank debit on the App.

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Introducing our new premium beef brand


Introducing our new premium beef brand
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