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Livestock Wealth continues to innovate, now bringing healthy beef within reach of everyone.

Livestock Wealth is happy to announce the launch of our newest innovation, the Farmers Club Meat Box. It contains quality Grassbeef™, coming directly from the farm, to your fork at a slice of the price compared to anywhere else.

We now sell the same meat we usually sell to South Africa’s leading retailers, directly to the public on a monthly subscription. Our mission as Livestock Wealth is to create win-win partnerships between farmers, investors and now-the consumers.

When joining the Farmers Club, you get healthy free range meat delivered from as little as R95 per kg 

which is up to 20% cheaper than similar retailers. We achieve these savings by removing the middleman, in this case, the retailer.

“Traditional retailers often have to discard plenty of unsold meat, and as a result, are forced to increase their prices to cover the losses. By buying directly from the farmer, you remove the middle man and the cost of food waste, which saves you money.”, says Ntuthuko Shezi, Founder and Cow Executive Officer at Livestock Wealth.

Farmers Club connects you directly to the farmers, helping them to produce just enough for you and other members of the Farmers Club. We are the only meat merchant that can pinpoint the farm your beef was grown on and what your cow looked like.

The transparency in our supply chain produces free range meat that can be traced from the fork back to the farm.

Our unique Grassbeef™ ticks all the boxes :

•  Free Range
•  Hormone Free
•  Antibiotic Free
•  Grass Fed
•  Delivered monthly to your door in refrigerated trucks
•  Cold supply chain standards of the highest level

We have three meat box options and they can all be purchased once-off or on a recurring monthly subscription.

It is cheaper to subscribe as it provides certainty to the farmers.

-The Braai box for R399 on subscription or R499 once-off. The box contains over 3kg of meat that is vacuum packed into meal portions of beef prego steaks, boerewors, burger patties and braai chops .

– The Ox box for R799 on subscription or R999 once-off. The box contains over 8kg of meat that is vacuum packed into meal portions of steak , mince, boerewors, burger patties, braai chops , stewing beef and soup bones.

– The Family Box for R1499 on subscription or R1799 once-off. The box contains over 15kg of meat that is vacuum packed into meal portions of steak , mince, boerewors, burger patties, braai chops , stewing beef and soup bones.

We have started operating in Gauteng due to its smaller geographic size and are working on plans to open up in Durban and Cape Town in the first quarter of 2021.

The development of Grassbeef™ has been in the works since 2017 when it won the grand prize of R1.3 million at the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards. Since then it has been featured in a TED Talk called “This crowd-farming stock market has legs” which has garnered over 9000 views on YouTube. We also started to supply major retailers and have been a significant producer of free range meat in South Africa.

Visit farmers.club to for more information and to place your order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

About Livestock Wealth

Livestock Wealth pioneered the concept of crowd-farming™ when it launched in October 2015, enabling anyone to be a farmer through owning real assets as they grow on a farm. Our vision is to create a world with no inequality.

We have helped thousands of people to invest in tangible, growing assets at a click of a button and now has almost R100million in assets under management across different products such as pregnant cows, free range oxen, organic garden tunnels and macadamia trees.

The addition of the Farmers Club Meatbox is the icing in the cake that completes the cycle of investors owning a cow as it grows in a farmer’s care and eventually selling the meat to consumers via the monthly subscription service.

As Livestock Wealth, we are proud to continue in our quest to revolutionise the way the world invests.

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