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What is wealth to you?

Is it more than money?

Is it subjectively defined by one’s personal values?

Is wealth about good health, helping your community to prosper, or having peace of mind about your family’s security and future?

Watch Shezi share his wealth story with Nedbank Private Wealth:


On the 11th of May 2020, our CEO; Ntuthuko Shezi was interviewed by Nedbank Private Wealth and got to share his wealth story.

Ntuthuko pioneered the concept of ‘crowd farming’ when he launched Livestock Wealth in October 2015 with a vision to change the narrative and create generational wealth as opposed to inheriting debts and unfulfilled obligations once loved ones have passed on.

For Ntuthuko the idea is that people pool their funds to partially own a farm and collectively benefit from the proceeds – in this case buying a cow on a cattle farm that is fed and cared for on the farm, which means they don’t need farming expertise.

After completing his matric in 1997, he started his journey to higher education and found himself in University of Cape Town (UCT) which was then the beginning to his journey to create wealth for his family.

Ntuthuko comes from a business background and grew up seeing his grandparents and mother make a living through selling stuff. From ‘Amagwinya’ to cattle. Livestock Wealth has helped clients to invest in tangible, growing assets at the click of a button.

Learn more at livestockwealth.com/how-it-works/


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