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Sometimes, our farmers need to go above and beyond to make sure your cows are safe and thriving.

Recently, farmer Calvin had an unusual encounter with a new-born calf who was rejected by it’s mother and so had no milk to feed on.

A first time heifer in the herd gave birth to a big 34kg, healthy calf (which is bigger than normal).

After some time the heifer was still not feeding her calf and she left it behind as the herd was being taken into the camp in the evening. Calvin noticed the problem and set off to reunite the calf to its mother. He loaded the calf into the front of his bakkie and brought it back to the camp.

He put the calf near it’s mother hoping she would notice and start feeding it during the night as it was starting to get dark.

The next morning the calf was still where Calvin had left it and it’s mother had still not taken any notice of it. It was now hungry and a bit weak after 24 hours without milk.

Calvin and the other staff then had to force the heifer to start feeding her new baby by enclosing them up together and tying the heifer’s legs.

This was done for about 3 days to ensure that the calf could suckle and get the nutrient rich colostrum that is found in a mother’s milk only in the first few days after birth.

The calf is now doing well and growing every day.


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