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Meet our partner farmer; Gene Likhanya – owner and manager of Madview Farm in Ha-Mashau Village, Venda, South Africa, with over 5500 Macadamia Nut Trees.

His partnership with Livestock Wealth has enabled him to pay a 50% deposit on a new Komatsu Crawler machine (used for ground clearing) that will help him not only grow more Macadamia Trees but also start running an agricultural plant business that rents out the machine to other farmers.

Livestock Wealth has assisted immensely in capital for day to day operations and, very importantly, invested in a quality nutrition fertilizer program for the macadamia trees.

Gene is further investing in a 25 hectare expansion plan and aims to plant 9500 trees early in 2021.

This is all possible due to the capital raised from Livestock Wealth investments made by our investor. Not only are these investments earning healthy returns, but they are also improving the lives of South African farmers.

Learn more at livestockwealth.com/farmers


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