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Use the FREE Livestock Wealth Farmer App to help you manage your farm, track and sell your cattle.


Use the FREE Livestock Wealth Farmer App to help you manage your farm, track and sell your cattle.

App features


About Livestock Wealth

Our vision is for every piece of arable land in Africa to be planted with high value crops.Ā 

We have created an innovative platform for Crowdfarmingā„¢ where the public can invest in cattle which are under the care and management of a Livestock Wealth Partner Farmer. In doing so, we help farmers grow their farms, and move towards realising our vision.Ā 

We have been Featured on Carte Blanche, BBC & TEDx.Ā 

+R100 Mil Invested
+R30 Mil Profits Paid To Investors
+R100 Mil Invested
+R30 Mil Profits Paid To Investors
70+ FARMERS Impacted

How does it work?


Download the app for free.

Create your free account in a matter of minutes.

Add your farm(s) and details.

Create your digital farm(s) by keeping a record of all your cattle, births, and deaths.

Digitally manage your farm

Manage, track and keep your farm assets secure by defining details on how often you want to receive notifications about your cattleā€™s movements.

Link IOT tracking collar to the app.

Livestock Wealth Partner Farmers can also link the IOT Cattle Tracking Collar to track their cows within a geo-fence of their farm.

List your livestock.

Farmers can sell and buy back their cattle to Livestock Wealth investors through the app.

Common Questions

Is the App available on iOS and or Android?

Currently, the app is only available for Android users.

Where can I get the IOT Cattle Tracking Collar?

Only farmers who apply and qualify to be a Livestock Wealth partner farmer will be supplied with our specifically designed collars that digitally connect your cattle to the app.Ā 

How can I sell my cows through the app?

Once you have created your digital farm, with all your cattle, and each of their pictures – you can choose to ā€˜sellā€™ these through the Livestock Wealth Farmer app. When you select ā€˜sellā€™, you will also be asked to complete this form to initiate the process of becoming a Partner Farmer.Ā Ā 

Once youā€™ve submitted all the required information and documentation on this form, someone from the Livestock Wealth team will contact you regarding the next steps.Ā 

What are the requirements for me to become a partner farmer?

To become a partner Farmer, you must:Ā 

  1. Be an existing farmer ā€“ you must already have experience in farming and currently be a farmer/farm owner.
  2. Farming one or more of the agricultural products listed on our website/app
  3. At a minimum, be able to supply the following documentation:Ā 
  • ID copiesĀ 
  • Company Registration documentationĀ 
  • Proof of land ownership such as Lease Agreement or Title Deed
  • Brandmark certificates in the case of cattleĀ 
  • GAP Certificate in the case of Connected GardensĀ 
  • 6 months bank statementĀ 
  • Valid Tax Clearance CertificateĀ 
  • Consent to a credit check on the entity

How do I become a partner farmer?

We are always looking to partner with farmers that can farm Pregnant Cows & Free Range Oxen.

For more info on how to become a partner farmer click here

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