Vryheid (Fairplay): 17 January 2017 Update


The Fairplay farm is where the magic of Livestock Wealth started with the first forty cows we purchased as a test of whether people can buy cows online and be remote farmers. We have since increased the size of our cattle herd in Fairplay and will be increasing to fill the farm to a capacity of 220 cows.

In June 2016, we had the first sale of calves at Fairplay and distributed our maiden “dividend” of R3631.59 per cow for each of the 26 cows at the farm then. This marked an annualised 18% return on investment for the owners of cows. 

Below is the summary of the production status of the farm on 17 January 2017:


Production Stage

Number of Cows

Next Production Stage

Pregnant Cows


Calving between January & March

Recently Calved (Sept – Dec)


Expected sale of calves in June 2017

Running with Bull (Mating)


Expected calving in July – August 2017





We lost one cow due to the lightning in the Fairplay farm. We are set to introduce the lightning and accident self-insurance model on 1 February 2017. This will be covered in greater detail in a separate newsletter next week when the actuary has had a final look at the numbers. We will introduce the cover retrospectively to share the replacement risk with the affected owners.


Included in the cows whose calves are expected to sell in June 2017 are the cows that will be returning their second “dividend” for their owners.