What if my cow dies?

If your cow dies of natural causes, Livestock Wealth will replace it at no cost to you. This excludes natural disasters and notifiable diseases (e.g. foot and mouth, anthrax, etc.) because they are diseases that are beyond everyone’s control.

Our team of highly experienced animal production experts can take care of any known cattle sickness. We quarantine cows when they are sick and employ the services of an experienced local veterinarian.

Aren't you affected by the drought?

The areas that are experiencing severe drought in South Africa are the Free State, North West and the western parts of Limpopo provinces (see historical rainfall map below).

Our farms are in Vryheid, Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Vryheid receives on average 40% more rainfall than the country average at 750mm per annum.  As a result, we have received sufficient rains and therefore have sufficient grass and water for our cows in spite of the drought.

We have put other measures such as securing additional grass feed should it be necessary. We also ensure that our farms carry the optimal number of cows, so that there is enough grass for each animal.

What if my cow is stolen?

The risk of your cow being stolen from our farms is low because of the measures we have put in place to secure your cow. As with every investment there are risks, and theft is a one such risk that farmers across the country face.

We have put the following measures in place:

1.    All cows have our animal identification on the hind legs.

2.    All cows have ear tags with cattle identification

3.    Our farms are fenced and divided into camps

4.    We employ experienced herdsmen and management

What other security measures are in place?

In the near future, we aim to have all our cows electronically tagged using micro-chip technology. The technology will alert you the owner and us when the cow leaves the boundaries of the farm.

What if my cow has a miscarriage or the calf dies?

The risks of miscarriage, still birth and calf mortality are to be expected in any livestock farming operation. We share this risk equally amongst all the owners of the cows on the farm. In simple terms, you get the same dividend amount as all other owners of cows on the farm.


How do I know that this is a legitimate business?

Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo, the fifth largest auditing company in South Africa is our auditor. They audit the integrity of our business to ensure that your cow belongs to nobody else but you. They also audit our financial statements.

Can we buy one cow as a group or stokvel?

Clubbing together to buy a cow is encouraged. We have a standard constitution that group investors can download or request that needs to be signed by all members. The constitution must also nominate the main contact person who will interact with Livestock Wealth.

Can I buy in installments?

You may buy in lay-bye installments. The payment options are 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months. Ownership of the cow only happens once full payment has been made.

Can I visit the farm and see my cows?

Investors can arrange to visit the farm to interact with their cows at any time.

Can I sell my cow?

Investors may sell their cows anytime but only through us. We then offer the cow for sale to investors on our waiting list.

What confirmation do I receive as proof of ownership?

As an investor you will receive a cattle ownership certificated that is signed and stamped by our auditors.

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